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Our Mission is to build longlasting relationships by delivering extraordinary financial solutions through unrivaled customer service one customer at a time. To accomplish our mission, we empower our Magnate Bank family through teamwork training, and building life-long relationships. We provide unrivaled customer service while fulfilling and exceeding our customers’ needs in each community we serve. Our passion is to win relationships by delivering extraordinary financial solutions through service excellence. At Magnate Bank we provide a team-based culture that is contagious as we strive to become the best part of each customer’s day. We want to send a message to our customers, both internal and external, that says, “You are the reason I came to work today.”


The management team, along with its employees, has created an exceptional, engaged, innovative, and genuine experience unique to Magnate Bank. Our core philosophies and culture have lead to an experience for our customers that has become synonymous with Magnate Bank. We are a passionate group, compelled to deliver the most genuine experience, impeccable service and innovative products. At the same time, our people solidify our role as the genuine, trustworthy financial institution that we are. All of these qualities have not only heightened our reputation among customers, it has created a workplace that fosters a culture our employees are proud to be a part of.

Growth and Capabilities

Besides the addition of new locations, Magnate Bank has grown as an organization in many other ways. Our agricultural, consumer, commercial and real estate loan officers oversee approximately $2 billion in loans. Magnate Bank also serves 15 other banks through its correspondent banking department. Additionally, MagnateBank’s Wealth Management department manages more than $250 million in assets, more than $220 million in customer investment accounts, and $270 million in deposits. The Magnate Bank Indirect Lending department is one of the largest in the area and services about $75 million in auto loans.

Our Future

Like all banks, Magnate Bank is governed by a board of directors.

In more than 15 years, Magnate Bank has grown from barely $220 million to more than $32 billion in assets. Along the way, the Magnate Bank family has grown to 100 employees. Together, they make up the finest group of financial talent. Magnate Bank’s success as an organization depends upon hiring, training, and retaining the very best people.

The world, and banking in particular, is changing very rapidly. Magnate Bank will strive to provide its customers with the best possible combination of safety, convenience and innovation in all of its financial products and services. As a company, Magnate Bank will continue to focus on meeting the financial needs of all our many communities in a manner that will keep deposits safe and provide a good return on the investment of shareholders. For managers of this company, there is a focus on providing employees with the best possible working environment, with good pay and benefits and opportunities for growth and advancement. In return, Magnate Bank expects its employees to focus on doing their very best to provide unsurpassed service to its most important asset, our customers. This is Magnate Bank’s heritage and, most importantly, this is our future.

Our People

We aren't your typical bankers. Our employees come from all kinds of personal and professional backgrounds, with each person's career path a unique journey. The varied perspectives and empowered voices of our diverse employees are our proudest strengths as an organization. These voices and viewpoints help us do our best work every day and serve our customers at a standard second to none.

Whether you're a student about to begin your career, an experienced candidate or a proven leader, a career at Magnate Bank will empower you to make a difference and reach your full potential.

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